CBT Skills And Techniques For Non-Therapists
Whilst a trained CBT therapist should always deliver CBT to people with clinically significant mental health problems, Cogntive-Behavioural skills and techniques can be usefully applied in non-clinical settings. This two-day course can be tailored to meet the specific needs of:
Nurses, both hospital based and community – Achieving concordance with patients about treatment; helping people manage their health conditions, especially pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue.
First Line managers, HR staff and Employment Support Workers – Managing presenteeism and absenteeism; planning phased return to work programmes; helping people manage their emotions in the workplace.
Social Workers, Youth Workers, Occupational Health Therapists, and Physiotherapists – motivating people; helping people manage their emotions, and building their resilience.



Day 1
A brief introduction to CBT theory
Making a basic CBT assessment
Thought monitoring, chaining, and evaluating
Coaching clients in the CBT model as a form of self-help




Day 2
Innovations in the delivery of CBT
First line CBT interventions for depression, anxiety, and a number of related conditions
Building confidence and resilience.
The course is delivered as a mixture of short informative talks, full group discussion, and small group activities. Optimal group numbers for training of this nature is between eight and sixteen people.



 Other courses available
  •    Improving self esteem
  •    Assertiveness, including using CBT to facilitate the cognitive changes necessary if people are to adopt  assertive behaviours.
  •    Managing anger
  •    Bullying, and how to stop it
  •    Supporting people with enduring mental health problems
  •    Interventions using Mindfulness, attentional focus, and acceptance
  •    Basic skills in the Brief, Solution Focused Approach.


If you would like us to deliver a course to staff within your agency, please email Adam May at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Remember to include your telephone number, times which are most convenient for me to call you, and some brief details of the group you would like to receive the training.


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